This book is written to awaken the human spirit, so the individual will understand the personal relationship that exists with God apart from the church congregation or any organization. God wants you to know when he's talking directly to you for your own good without distractions from those around you. God doesn't want you to be deceived by those who have titles in this world because he's removing them from their position. This book will put you on a spiritual path that's designed to bring you home in glory with God. In addition, it helps people find real answers to deal & cope with life’s issues through love, truth, and God. My goal is to reach, teach and lead people to blessings through God for their own good.  


Evangelist John Dye is an Author, Model, Actor, Singer, Chef and Spiritual Counselor that is constantly in touch with the needs of the people in accordance with God’s will and grace. Also an Expert Speaker on many issues; he loves doing TV & Radio Interviews to improve people’s lives.
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